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  • Food and Beverage

  • Chemical Industry

  • Compressors and Pumps


Since its inception in 1973, SODIME has been specializing itself in the manufacture and supply of stainless steel fittings and components for the high-level of hygiene demanding flow lines.

Years of research for quality improvement and product enhancement, have helped SODIME to build a strong, leading position with the food, cosmetics, wine, pharmaceutical and bio-tech industries.

A constant and close monitoring of customers’ expectations has led SODIME to become a key-supplier, and to successfully broaden its product range to tap new market segments as demanding as the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

        Stainless Steel Solutions     

Everyday, preeminent groups in the food and bio-pharmaceutical fields, rely on SODIME for the supply of stainless steel components for both their maintenance operations and capacity growth.

Expanding itself at a worldwide scale in more than 50 countries, SODIME has become able to offer complete range of products according to various international norms such as SMS, DIN, RJT, IDF, ISO, Mâcon, and to fulfil customers’ requirements of global “packages”.  


  • Food and cosmetics: A wide range of pipe and fittings dedicated to food industry, with SMS, DIN, RJT standards available from stock
  • Wine: A complete range of valves and fittings in MACON standard, as well as a range dedicated to wooden tanks.
  • Pharmaceutical: Pipes, Valves, flexible hoses, unions, from ASME BPE and 3A standards, are available and can be supplied with their 3.1 or FDA certificates …
  • Industry: A wide range of pipes, valves, unions, flanges, U-bolts, collars … in ISO, BSP and metric standards.

Product Ranges

  • Pipes: A wide range of round pipes, available on stock from diameters 25 to 250, as well as square pipe, rectangular pipe, and various types of profiles
  • Valves: A complete range of cocks and valves: butterfly valve, ball valve, piston valve, diaphragm valve, knife gate valve, actuated valve, non return valve, filter, relief valve, sight glass, sampling cock, level cock…
  • Fittings: A wide range of welding unions, expanding unions, chemical unions are available from stock : SMS, DIN, Clamp, ASME-BPE, ISO, BSP, Macon, Welding Flat flange, Flange with Neck, Pressed Lapped Flange, Collars, Symmetrical couplings, spherical unions, caps…
  • Supplement: A complementary range of products: U-Bolts, Fixation collars, Decanting Elbows, Spray Balls, Flexible Hoses, Millimetre scales, Support, Spanners…

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