• Petrochemical Industry

  • Food and Beverage

  • Chemical Industry

  • Compressors and Pumps


Silea SRL , founded in 1968, after over 40 years of gradual and continuous development, can rely today on two plants located in Ozzano dell’Emilia (Bologna – ITALY).

Silea SRL is recognized as a primary European manufacturer of equipment for the handling, the measurement, the transfer, and storage of petroleum product, hot and cold liquids, compressed gases (LPG), chemicals and industrial liquids.

In 2009, Silea opened a representative office in Moscow, in order to be closer to customers’ needs and better serve the local market.

The whole value-chain of Silea (from design to after-sales) is ISO 9001 certified. 
The production process is controlled by regulations and work instructions that define quality standards, which are monitored and certificated through periodic audits.

THE PRODUCTS: Silea SRL includes in its wide range of products the following:

  • Loading arms for hydrocarbons and vapour recovery (API couplers);
  • Pipe fittings and safety components;
  • Loading arms for fuels, LPG, and hydrocarbons;
  • Loading arms for chemical and food industry;
  • Equipment for road and rail truck tankers;
  • Floating suction units;
  • Folding stairs;
  • Volumetric pumps, pumping units, and marine delivery groups.